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Identify areas for improvement in existing business processes and products

Accurate analytics

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Make the best possible decisions with the most segmented customer data for your market

Customer knowledge

Discover what drives your customers and tap into their purchasing decisions Tools

The latest interactive real-time platform for engaging with complex audiences in Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp
Usability testing platform for your website or mobile application
Our online consumer panel in Ukraine is integrated into international Cint platforms and together provide quick access to consumers from any country in the world
Professional specialized online panel of doctors and pharmacists in Ukraine

Your business needs market insights for successful growth

We understand you may not be a professional analyst.
Let us conduct research and formulate an action plan for your business.
Alexey Delyukov
Customer surveys, measuring of product satisfaction, customer expectations
Сustomer Experience
Product Experience
Price perception, market segmentation, testing of product concepts and packaging
Employee Experience
Employee involvement in office activities, job satisfaction ratings, professional expectations
Brand Experience:
  • Quick ads testing before campaign launch
  • Measuring brand health metrics and customer loyalty
  • Analytics of consumer preferences and forecasting of market dynamics

We know what customers value most in

Thanks to online panels, modern data processing algorithms, and straightforward conclusions, all research is carried out simply, quickly and reliably
We work fast
Online consumer surveys can reduce the average research time from one month to 3-4 days. Automated analytics speeds up data processing.
Individual approach
We do not reuse data obtained from previous cases. Our samples of respondents are always unique, as is our algorithm for data evaluation.
Reliable analytics
With over 10 years of experience as analysts in the commercial research market, businesses choose for the quality of conclusions drawn by our experts. you can trust

With, you'll find yourself in the team of leading industry professionals, working alongside major participants in the research market.
  • works on the basis of Cint - the world’s largest consumer network for digital survey-based research, made up of over 149+ million engaged respondents across more than 130 countries.

  • Among our clients are international research companies IPSOS, GfK, KANTAR, KIIS etc.

  • We are a member of ESOMAR, an organization known for setting the standard in conducting consumer surveys and market research.

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The data is in. Investing in prosumer research and analytics minimizes risks and pays for itself.
You choose the research method,
we create a questionnaire, conduct a survey and analyze data
General research
General research
+ expert support
Everything that General research includes + action plan from our experts
Ad hoc research
Non-standard tasks require a unique approach. If this applies to you, we are ready to help
  • Alexey Assaul
    Huawei EBG
    Channel manager
    I thank the team for the quality support in a number of online research
  • Tetiana Sviatenko
    Doctor of medical sciences, professor, dermatovenerologist of the highest category, expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists, Member of the European Academy of Dermatovenereology, professor of the Department of Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, State Institution "DMA of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine", founder of the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology Professor Svyatenko
    I want to thank you for your cooperation. Advanced service, quickly adapted their solutions to our requests. Good luck in all your endeavors!
  • Andrey Demyanov
    Marketing Director at `Kolo`
    I am very pleased with the cooperation with, I note the professional approach at all stages of the study and the cost - it turned out to be significantly lower than expected.
  • Julia Vasilishina
    Founder and Director of `Gate` School
    When launching a new educational project, it was very important for us to find out what the market needs for training programs now, what criteria are important for a person when deciding whether to participate in them, how long a person is ready to study and how much he can pay for it. Thanks to the research, we made many discoveries for ourselves that helped us launch the project and not lose anything. + excellent service and customer focus. I'm glad that I got in touch with these guys and I highly recommend
  • Vyacheslav Pismenyuk
    Executive Director of `Tavria V`
    Thank you very much for the work done!